Healing Packages

Healing Packages:

*All packages require an initial interview, please contact our office to set up an interview.

Soul Matrix Activation $750

3 individual Spiritual Surgeries to align the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies to work in congruence with your divine soul purpose.  Activating you into higher states of consciousness and awareness.  This is the foundation  to get you going into your soul mission.    

The Launch 

This is a great package for those who are going through transition. Whether that’s leaving or starting a new career, relationship, or location and your looking to step more fully into your power as you leave behind the old and step into the new.   Its a supportive framework to help you bridge into new modes of being and doing.

(2) Pre- Sessions Activations and Transmissions 

Weaving the Golden Matrix 3 part series

(2) Half hour phone consults 

Rising Up Intensive

This is a customized one on one intensive supporting you through the evolution of your  Soul, Mind, and Body.   This individualized support includes  1 hour weekly sessions, activations, transmissions, spiritual teachings and practices that will support you to move beyond old patterning and programing so you can  claim your power, purpose, health and joy.  

8 sessions once a week for 2 months. ( May be done bi- weekly over 4 months)

The Immersion

For those who want to take it all the way…. READY FOR THE CHANGE!

Full day immersion, one on one with Yemanya.  Plus 3 months of bi- weekly sessions that include healing, and transmission for integration and support.

 Individual Session Options:

Shamanic Light language Journey  60 min.   $250
A much deeper process, individually customized for those who want to clear and release old programming and belief systems to achieve a deeper freedom from old pain and patterns. 

Personalized Guided Meditation: $250

Brought through by Spirit and recorded specifically for what you need in that moment:

Spiritual Phone Consult (30min) $150



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