Birthing a New Humanity is dedicated to supporting individuals, families, and children from around the world into the new paradigm. What this means is restoring the balance of human nature to be congruent with the Earth and the basic design of existence.  For centuries we have taken on the wounds and limitations of belief systems from our ancestors . Today we are being asked to remove these old worn out ways of being and step more authentically into who we REALLY are; limitless and joyful, being guided by source and surrendering to the passion of our divine purpose.  It is through our own realization, self awareness, and a desire for something better that we will move into a collaborative
heart centered way of being; the true path of ascension and birth of the new humanity.

OUR MISSION:  We hope to inspire growth, education and healing for individuals and families, and offer inspiration, support and assistance to the amazing children being born to the planet.  Our motivating force comes from the concept that “Children Shall Lead The Way”  Now is the time to allow the living brilliance and wisdom of our children to shine through.  By bringing awareness to how our process effects everyone around us, especially our children, we can heal ourselves and heal the planet back into LOVE.  Through various classes in conscious birthing, healing arts education and sessions, children’s workshops, and empowerment groups we support ourselves and our children into the new paradigm of unity and balance;  feeling inspired, living whole, and bringing our greatest gifts to the world.