Yemanya Carey is an Evolutionary Change Agent, Master Teacher and Healer, dedicated to supporting the transition of the rise of evolutionary consciousness and building the new paradigm. She focuses on the individual as well as the collective to uncover and discover the true essence of who and what we really are.

Yemanya Teaches about blending new though principals, ancient wisdoms, and energy education, so we can restore the balance of human nature to be congruent with the Earth and the basic design of existence. She educates on the principals that lead us back into the heart, and into the place of our essence so that we can move forward with confidence, and on purpose.

Yemanya landed into her unique ability to channel light and Sound back in 2000. She brings this sacred gift forth to support evolutionary consciousness so we can build the new paradigm. As a conscious channel of this Star Seed Original Language, she becomes like a tuning fork to the specific frequencies of the individual or group before her. She brings through vibrational frequencies specifically attuned to the needs of what is present to produce radical change.

What is Light Language- how does it work?
Light language is used to bypass the ego mind and speak directly to the Soul. Often people say, “It reminds me of Home” A softening occurs, it heals and balances what it passes through and “remembrance” activates. As the ascension begins to occur en masse, this language is the ‘elevator’ that can help individuals begin to vibrate at a ‘safe rate’ and recalibrate structurally so they can bring in more light. In essence it is a light technology to improve the process of the body on all level and integrates a spiritual-consciousness connection so a person can evolve into their “highest self.”

What you may experience:

• Healing on all levels (emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally)
• Can Activate and Clear DNA and Light Codes
• Connect you with your star brothers and sisters,
• Alignment to your life-purpose, life path
• Dissolve trauma, limiting beliefs, restrictive patterning, blockages
• Increase your compassion, empathy, understanding of self
• Clarity, peace, sense of well-being, trust, and safety
• Divine Synchronicity begin to happen
• AND can lead to ecstatic experiences

We are in the time of the great transition for humanity and not only is this reflected in the larger collective but it is also reflected on the personal level. We are being asked to move more into our authenticity and power of who we really are. We are being asked to up level and BE our purpose in the world. So much is changing for us…. We may be asked to transition a relationship, a job, or even move to a new location which can leave us feeling sad, depressed, Lonely and confused. Maybe your are experiencing ascensions symptoms like changing sleep patterns, increased sensitivity to food and environment, dramatic mood swings for no apparent reason, and/or increasing physic sensitivity and experiences that you don’t know how to work with or really understand. Our personal values are being challenged as we look at the societal norms around relationships, lifestyles, education, money, and work ethics and we get the opportunity to break down the old molds and redefine what actually works for us beyond what has been traditionally expected. We are the gatekeepers of these new ideas. these new ways, but humanity needs us to step up and offer up. There is fear that arises and the judgment we may feel towards others or ourselves in the midst of this change can be overwhelming. You know deep in your heart that its times to make that change but there is an insidious resistance inside, and out, that may lie in your path. Maybe we just need added clarity and/or support to find the strength and courage to make the change, and find the self worth that will bridge this motion into action. By moving into the deep “Remembrance” of who you are, that original essence of your spirit and your divine purpose, you will gain the strength, be the courage, and move beyond the fear and start to live your greatest most passionate self. You move into Joy and Liberation, your heart will expand into deeper levels of love and compassion, and divine flow will open a new abundant world to you. And you will find the TRUST in this greater motion that all is perfect. In the “remembrance” you are a beacon of light for others and give them permission to also Be and reclaim who they are Now is the time to join the “Remembrance”

Now is the time for us to RISE UP and hear the call.  

For centuries we have taken on limiting belief systems and old patterns that have distorted our view.  In order to birth a new model, we must create from a different level of thinking, understanding and consciousness.  We must shift ourselves to shift evolution.

The systems are crumbling, the earth and the people are ready for change.  


 Today we are being asked to remove these old worn out ways of being and step more authentically into who we REALLY are; limitless and joyful, being guided by source and surrendering to the passion of our divine purpose.  It is through our own realization, self awareness, and a desire for something better that we will move into a collaborative heart centered way of being; the true path of ascension and birth of the new humanity.