The Remembrance….
As we merge together in the remembrance, the creation story of the universe unravels in the heart. As the dawn of time transcends the story of the past, we birth the new, ever unfolding spaciousness of what is. And it becomes….. this… and this… and this…. With each breath, with each moment, a newness rooted in the source creatrix womb of space and time is present. Presence. We are continually dying and being reborn. The heart of the universe pulses the light beacon of the Souls Code to activate and move as one with the creation story of all time. In the remembrance your essence of your personal divine spark now flows in this endless stream of offering. And we remember our light, our love, our softness, our strength, our power and what lives in this vulnerability and excitement. We remember who we are, beyond the story, constructs, and compartmentalized infrastructure of our mind. Infinite. Expansive. One. And we remember we are already perfect….there is nothing to fix… we are the origin of the great light, and a fractal expression of its purity. In wholeness we are forever born from this endless steam that pours through us, helping to activate the remembrance for others. Unity. That we are all one, awakening the remembrance of our divine brilliance and shining it forth as that light of being. This is where I play… Who would like to join me there? xo Yemanya

Wild Women Where are you???


Here I am, the wild women!! The one who lives by her own standards, who thinks outside the box, who doesn’t always play by the rules, not to be difficult, because she see’s a better way. A way that makes her happy and allows a joy to radiates from her fullness and being. People are attracted to it and repulsed by it, scared of it, or glorify it. She is one who is lead by spirit, not by cultural standards or expectations. She is the freedom seeker, spirit wielder, system buster, and one who is exposes the truth.

And yet, in the heros journey, the wild women may come to a point where she make herself small, contained and silent, as she is told she is “Too Much,” and “Your Crazy,” like hot knives she feels the judgment of family, friends, and society for not doing it “their” way… “The right way.” Over time, the energetic and vocal dagger of being told she is wrong and bad for being herself, for being the Wild Women, takes her down into the throws of her own personal torture, of her own personal hell, because the very spirit that guided her and gilded her wild ways becomes squashed into the box; the very box that she was trying to lead you out of. She becomes silent, muted, and buried. But believe me, she never goes away, but simmers and sings under the surface. Her little nudges of wildness that want to spring out, aching and crying as the spirit slowly dwindles. The joy of life is pulled from her body, as she moves through the motions of life, not really LIVING.

And then at the crucial moment, she cracks open, and oozes her love back into your breath, back into your spirit, soul, and psyche, and she activate into the Remembrance. The Remembrance of the wisdom keeper, the remembrance of the love, freedom and joy. And she says “NO MORE!” No more playing small, no more hiding who I am, no more playing the game that is killing my spirit. She reaches and stretches, uncoils and explodes out of the box, pulling off the many layers that had consumed her. Piece by piece she gently analyses them, then lays them aside to become the ashes of a life she is no longer willing to live or be defined by. She reclaims the Self, above the mind, and back into the heart, She reclaims the Self of the game changer, the new blueprint builder, the new systems designer, the divine creatirix of creative genius. And we ask you to Remember. Remember that she is strong as much as sensitive, that she is safe even if she pushes the boundaries, and that she desires strength around her so that she can soften and allow the flow of the universe to guide us all. She is a pathway to your own truth, your own wisdom, and your own personal sovereignty. She is the light, she is the beacon, she is love… that beautiful wild women, be! ENTER THE REMEBERANCE!!!

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This is a reminder for all parents, including myself.  This was publish in Inspiration Magazine in 2008

Dear Mom and Dad

By Yemanya Carey


I am just a child, and there are some things I want you to know.

Although I’m very small now, you will watch me grow.

My world is colored and defined by all the things I see.

I want you to be aware of what you’re teaching me.


I want you to understand me and hear the words I say.

Please get off your cell phone and come out side and play.

Let me lead one game of chase or help me dress my doll.

I need one moment of your time to catch me when I fall.


I need you to kiss my boo boos and put a band-aid on my knee.

I need to learn to fly a kite and climb up in a tree.

I’m feeling kind of lonely, the computer is all you do.

Have you even noticed I can tie my own new shoe?


You wonder why I ignore you, don’t listen to what you say.

But this is what I live with each and every day.

You say “Look at me when I talk to you, I deserve respect.”

The road we travel goes both ways, I only mirror it.


Have compassion for my feelings, for they’re important too.

I need a hug, a gentle touch when I’m feeling blue.

Please take the time to hold me, and kiss me on my cheek.

If I don’t learn connection now, my futures pretty bleak.


I can feel your pain and fear, your worry over money.

Just remember I’m a kid and can live on PB and honey.

Your mind is so consumed by the stresses of your life.

The things you feel are mine as well; I take on all your strife.


My life is very stressful too, though you think I’m just a child.

But when you fight or yell at me it makes my mind go wild.

Will all my friends still like me? Will my father ever call?

I deal with grown up issues please don’t make them small


Did you ever stop to think how I might view the world?

It’s like a giant painting with all the colors swirled.

A mixture of life’s madness, the joyfulness and tears.

The paint becomes more colorful and thicker by the years.


You are one who holds a brush, my canvas you do paint.

“Oh, how did all the time go by,” will be your big complaint.

You’re the one who molds me; we fit just like a glove.

So, take a little moment to know the one you love.


Offering a GEM moment….

We are on the brink of a shifting paradigm where all that was is crumbling so that it can be transformed and rebuilt.  Our political, social, economic, and educational structures no longer work and we are searching for new answers to our changing world.  Within transition, our children, being extremely sensitive to their surrounding environment, often take the brunt of our emotional stress. Be it the loss or lack of a job, divorce, the death of a loved one, or a move to a new city; Each of these transitions works in alignment with the bigger plan, but how do we nurture our children when our lives seem so chaotic and consuming?  Offer them a GEM, a General Encounter Moment.

Sit down once a day and play!  Allow yourself to engage in a child directed activity.  Let your son or daughter come up with what they want to do i.e.: play dolls or trucks, paint their nails, plant a garden, you can even write a book together.  They determine what you do and how you do it. It may seem like it will last forever but I promise you it won’t; and its so worth the effort.  An angry child may become more balanced, the whining may diminish, the constant clinging on your leg will lesson because they have a greater sense of security in the fact that you love them enough to take the time for them.

The greatest challenge for you is to be fully present. Not picking up the phone when it rings or thinking about the dinner you need to start cooking because it’s late.  Just being completely in the moment with your child and your activity. In today’s society the fast paced technology movement has created a deficit in our ability to slow down and be completely present with our children. They have video games, TV, text messaging and many other electronic devices to consume their time, but what our society of children really lack is a role model in loving human connection, and human touch.

Offer to play once a day in a GEM kind of way.  As parents, you have a duty to teach your children how to love, connect and have compassion for other living things and they can learn it though you.


This is an article that appeared in Inspiration Magazine in Hawaii in 2007

These are our Children

By Carey Hardy

They come to us with an inherent knowing, an undeniable wisdom far beyond their years, still basking in the glow of universal knowledge and filled with the light of God’s love.  They gaze at us with their deep penetrating eyes and try to reveal the secrets of the beginning time. Cherish them.  These are our children.

They remember the sweet gentle love of the Other Side and they hold with in themselves a vision of a perfect world, an eternal knowing of what our world can be.  Day-by-day, year-by-year the limitations and realities of earth-life cloud their knowing and diminish their hope of perfection.  Yet, there is always a faint light in the shadows; a spark of remembrance that fuels the fire beneath them. Nurture them. These are our children.

They hear of warfare, poverty, debilitating hunger, rampant disease, global warming.  They learn of murder and mayhem, hatred and bigotry.  They know their own schools and playgrounds are becoming killing fields.  They experience injustice and inhumanity. There is a huge dissonance between the world they see and their internal remembering of perfection and divine love. Many are looked upon as unhappy, angry, and depressed. They feel deeply the effects of our world. Their heightened awareness and sensitivity leaves them more susceptible to emotional consequences. Comfort them.  These are our children.

They are intuitive, creative and full of energy, but are all too often not honored for their uniqueness.  They think outside the box. They press the limits of traditional thought forms and sadly are met with labels like learning disabled, hyperactive, attention-deficient, obsessive compulsive and personality disorder.  They are thrown into special education classes, shuttled from councilors to therapist, and medicated with drugs. Empower them. These are our children.

In 2001 it was estimated that more than six million American Children take psychotropic medications for ADHD, depression, and other psychological maladies. These include Ritalin, Dexedrine, Cylert, Tofranil, Norpamin, Prozac and Paxil. The largest growing age group is 2-4 year olds. Listen to them.  These are our children.

They are confused and bewildered.  Why don’t people understand?  Why do we feel “strange” and “different” when it is really the rest of the world that is so out of tune with the harmony of creation?  They have a divine sense of purpose.  They are here to push the boundaries of all fear based structures and move us out of the old paradigm.  They have a warrior spirit and an inability to conform. They are here to help transform our political, social, and educational systems. Inspire them.  These are our children.

They have been termed Indigo Children, Star Seeds, The Psychic Ones, and the list goes on.  All they want is for us to step away from the labels and honor them for the divine beings they are.  Not who society dictates who they are “suppose” to be. They have come to show us the way.  They are an extraordinary and ever-growing circle of wise and wondrous souls. They are the bridge back to peace, perfection, and divine balance.  They are Gods gift to ever-expanding world consciousness.  Embrace them because THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN.


Alert:  Code Indigo

Indigos are a wise and divinely in tune soul group who started coming in right after WWII at a rate of about 5-10%.  There was a large wave that came in during the late 1970’s and it is now believed that 90% of those born after 1982 are Indigo children.  The adult Indigos are called “Scouts” and are here to help pave the way for the influx of Indigo energy now being born to the planet.

Indigo is a term of description used to define behavior patterns based on practical observation. It originated from Nancy Ann Tappe who intuitively sees a person’s life color or aura and can then determine a person’s life mission.  Indigos display a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and show a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before.  They have a biochemical system that has differing needs and considerations than other aura colors.

It is our responsibility as parents, teachers and doctors to educate our selves and attune to the different needs and capabilities of Indigo children. It is our special challenge to nurture and cultivate these unique children by loving and supporting their differences.



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