Soul Matrix Activation

Soul Matrix Activation is Yemanya’s signature session!

Join the hundreds of people who have been activated into the higher frequencies of their purpose and passion.  Start here to create the life you desire, moving with ease and grace and with a higher appreciation for life and all it has to offer.

 This 3 part series of activations will change your life.

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What is “Soul Matrix Activation”?

Soul Matrix activation is a healing modality that works with the subtle energetic bodies of a person. It is more than a healing, it is an activation and spiritual alchemy. We create a harmonic convergence between the psycho-physical fields of the Body, Mind and Soul and assist in the balance of frequencies between the three etheric bodies.  We infuse the Christ Consciousness grid into the blend of these layers to activate the inner Christ within us, to grow and guide us into the divine light of being.  The being within ourselves, as ourselves, and outside of ourselves; Unity Consciousness.  We then encode this new, balanced, frequency through the nade channels of the body; igniting the golden matrix light to merge and blend into the deepest resources of our bodies cellular consciousness. It transmutes the blocks that hold you back from living fully in congruence with the original integrity of your life path. It establishes transcendent love, joy and wisdom of the higher self and of the universe to work through you, as you.   It is a stepping-stone to remembering and embodying the realization of your TRUE self.

What is “Christ Consciousness”?

For some this term may trigger certain negative or positive responses in the mind/body depending on their relationship with religion.  The evolution of religion from human thought and beliefs often lead you away from the true essence and meaning of what was originally being shown.  I also use the term Unity Consciousness that, to me, means the same thing with out the religious connotations. It is the merging, a complete cyclical conduit of the Heaven and Earth, and you are its vessel.  It is the state of awareness, a real knowing beyond our ego mind, of our True nature; of whom we really are!

Although, the term “Christ Consciousness” has been associated with the “Christed” Yeshua it is not used exclusively by the Christian religion.  Yeshua, otherwise know as Jesus, was a human embodiment of the pure intent and love of source creation; a living example of our true potential and what we now are being asked to activate within our selves.  Living in the reality of our “Christed” self is actually being fully alive and invested in who we truly are.  In our “Christed” self we live as inspirations for others to seek this for themselves so we can collectively move our planet forward into the divine plan for planetary transformation.


What you May Experience:

“Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner self”

You may experience an expansion and deeper connection to your higher self and your hearts desires for this lifetime.  Synchronicities may rapidly start to unfold and you may access the ability to manifest instantaneously.  Your meditation practice may become deeper with access to move vivid visuals and profound experiences.   Some claim to experience a shift in visual perceptions and report things becoming wavy, or lose their solid nature.  This is just the shifting between dimensions as we access a deeper state of consciousness.  You may notice that fears you once held are no longer there and negative thoughts or patterns that would have penetrated your mind before simply disincarnate in your new light of being.

There is the possibility of a restructuring of your outer world to match the new vibrational frequency that you now embody.  This can mean a shift in relationships and how you relate to people.  Certain concepts around duality may no longer exist.  Your job may no longer satisfy you, or hasn’t for a while, and you now feel the strength and courage to make that change.  And/or you may bring more aspects of whom you are to be expressed more fully through your work that you offer.   Housing, lifestyle, and even eating habits can be affected as you align yourself in this new matrix.


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