Essence Light

What it is:

Essence Light begins by allowing the body to be the guide to where there is emotional imbalance that manifest in the physical body as chronic pain or disease, muscle tension, trauma, infertility, stress, addiction, and/or depression. We gently release these stored emotions through a unique blend of intuitive Massage, Breath Work, Sound Therapy, Guided Visualization, Crystals, Shamanic, Star Seed and Reiki Energy Healing. By releasing conscious and unconscious emotions and belief patterns we make space and open ourselves up to live more fully in authenticity and we appear more radiant.

The Foundation of Emotion to Physical Dis-ease.

As we move through life, day-by-day, year-by-year, we are involved in many different life experiences that create emotional responses. Many are wonderful and some not so wonderful. When we are placed in a situation where the emotional body reacts with anger and grief or some other not so happy emotion, we must find a healthy resolution to this current of feelings. If these emotions are not allowed to flow through in healthy release we start to embody and store these emotions. In order for our psyche to cope, we find methods to disassociate from the original trauma and pain. This emotional survival technique leads to the suppression of these emotional memories and can soon be reflected as disease or pain in the physical body.

Some of what is stored in the emotional body may be recent experiences and other may root back as far as pre-natal or birth trauma. We even carry stored imprinting from past lives, (if you believe in that sort of thing). Eventually, the emotional body starts to demand attention if we do not allow ourselves the time to connect and move through what is being offered for our awareness. It begins in a subtle manner, like we bump our toe on the table. This is the emotional body offering us an opportunity to touch more deeply into our feelings. When this doesn’t seem to work it will knock a little louder, like you’ll throw out your back or neck. This is your opportunity to slow down and really look at what might be affecting you. Overtime, when these more subtle maneuvers seem to be ineffective and lack resolve, we may bring upon ourselves varying degrees of chronic pain or disease.

Emotions resonate at varying degrees of frequency. The feel good emotions like love, joy, and excitement vibrate at a much higher frequency than feelings of distrust, anger, or resentment. If we allow these lower vibrational emotions to marinate, we start to disrupt the vibrational pulse of our body’s cellular structure, we shift core belief structures and our body attunes and functions to a lesser vibrational rate. What we vibrate we attract. So, through awareness and release we can shift through the lower energy vibrations stored in our body, making way to more fulfilling and loving situations and relationships in our lives.

How Essence Light Works

By using physical touch, through massage, we bring awareness to where there is a stored energetic not in balance or in harmony with the body’s system. By placing focus on these areas of blockage we attune to the bodies needs with in this imbalance. Through the guidance of intuition we release and move the energy through sound, breath, guided imagery, crystal vibrations and/or energy work. Depending on the need we may choose one or more of these modalities to clear the space and then replace it with light. We are often reluctant to express our feelings but by using these sacred technologies we can easily move through the emotional discomfort and sub conscious beliefs that blocks our ability to see clearly and live fully.

By using breath we are activating the movement of energy through the entire system, opening dormant channels of emotions, often shut down due to disassociation of trauma and emotional stagnation. Allowing the breath to move through, we ignite and gently resolve subconscious material. In a session we move away from our daily routine of shallow respiration and activate what we call, “deep belly breaths” to create an increase of oxygen in the blood which then results in a build up of prana, or life force energy.

“Give it a voice” is a phrase often heard during a session. “Toning” or using sounds that are instinctively driven by a particular body part allow us to bypass the egos need to figure out “why” something is there, and just allows it to speak. We don’t need to put words to the issue; we just allow the sounds that surfaces to clear the blockage. The practitioner uses sympathetic vibrational voice resonance to allow the healing effects of the sound waves to engage a deeper release. As the sound waves enter the body, a vibration in the living cells occurs and helps reinforce healthy organization. It can have a soothing effect on the nervous system and the overall effect can be like a deep massage on the atomic molecular level. Thus, allowing us to acclimate to higher vibrational states.


As a multidimensional healer myself, I AM aware of the depth of knowledge, advancement of skill, and intensity of passion that Carey brings to her work.  Carey Hardy’s skill in calming the physical and bringing in the spiritual is transformative.  The merging of divine energy and massage in her sessions is heavenly!  Her fearless dedication to her clients is most admirable, and she is always ready to take on the most difficult of issues and clients.  To find this combination of purity, integrity, wisdom and ability are rare.  If you are a discerning being awakened to your ascension and that of the planet, I can think of no better master for you!
Cynthia Piano, Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa
I went to see Carey for some shoulder pain and general emotional release, and walked away with one of the deepest healings I’ve ever received. She worked her intuitive magic on my system at so many levels- beginning with amazingly in tune and deep tissue massage work on the physical body and moving into energetic and sound work that helped guide me through my internal process of releasing and moving away darkness and attachments.  Her physical massage alone was one of the best I’ve ever had, and her energetic work was profoundly intuitive and supportive and potent.   I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance in working to release pain at all levels – physical, emotional, energetic.
Brooking Gatewood   Irvine, Ca.

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