**As a multidimensional healer myself, I AM aware of the depth of knowledge, advancement of skill, and intensity of passion that Carey brings to her work.  Carey Hardy’s skill in calming the physical and bringing in the spiritual is transformative.  The merging of divine energy and massage in her sessions is heavenly!  Her fearless dedication to her clients is most admirable, and she is always ready to take on the most difficult of issues and clients.  To find this combination of purity, integrity, wisdom and ability are rare.  If you are a discerning being awakened to your ascension and that of the planet, I can think of no better master for you!
Cynthia Piano, Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa


I came to Carey because I had recently completed a book and was looking to get it published, yet self doubt was creeping in because I was only 20 years old, had no agent and have never been published before. As soon as I laid down on Carey’s healing-bed and sensed her energy, I felt complete reassurance. Within five minutes I had regained my trust in life. Furthermore, the serenity that flooded my body was so much so that I didn’t want to open my eyes after the two hour session. When I regained awareness, my neck pain, which had been troubling me from extensive writing and negative emotions, was gone.  With each new day, I seem to meet someone who has immense inner value that they are willing to contribute to my life purpose. Whether it has been a Marketing Expert willing to help me with my book, or something telling Louise Hay that she must set up a meeting with me, without me even asking, things are changing, and fast! My connection to my own greatness is expanding not with each day, but with each breath. I thought I had already broken all the rules on what is required for a major publishing company to review your book, but now I seem to have completely tossed the manual out the window. Sure, the physical manifestations that have been arising have been unexplainable with the human vocabulary, but the internal knowing that has begun to blossom is a gift that I received from working with Carey that I can take with me through whatever happens during the rest of my life, and the outcome of my book. The blessing that Carey has is something that every person should seize before her schedule is so full that one cannot even reach her! In fact, my father has already gone to see her, and my mother is planning to go next.


Jake Ducey,  Encinitas Ca.

**Carey is one of the new generation of higher spiritual beings coming to planet earth to help us at this time of Ascension.  She is a very powerful presence.  From my Golden Matrix session I felt immediate relief from some of the chronic pain in my legs and hips and more energy.  I also feel more peaceful and more accepting of my life situation.  These positive feelings have continued to increase as Carey promised.  I highly recommend her.
Taos, New Mexico
Member Group of Forty
**I went to see Carey for some shoulder pain and general emotional release, and walked away with one of the deepest healings I’ve ever received. She worked her intuitive magic on my system at so many levels- beginning with amazingly in tune and deep tissue massage work on the physical body and moving into energetic and sound work that helped guide me through my internal process of releasing and moving away darkness and attachments.  Her physical massage alone was one of the best I’ve ever had, and her energetic work was profoundly intuitive and supportive and potent.   I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance in working to release pain at all levels – physical, emotional, energetic.
Brooking Gatewood   Irvine, Ca.
**During both healing circles I was able to very quickly and easily slip into and remain within the zero point/higher frequency energies which is extremely refreshing because lately that has been harder for me to do.  It was really cool for me to hear you talking about the spiral energies and breathing within the Heart Center because that’s basically what I find myself doing throughout my daily life.  I’m discovering that I have a blockage which second guesses my spiritual experiences via dense 3D rationalization, so it’s really beneficial for me to hang out with somebody of like vibration so that I am better able to ground my internal feelings and intuition into the physical.
I also find great benefit in the visuals that you provide which become pretty vivid  because my sensitivities are more aligned with feeling at the moment, it’s really cool and beneficial to start linking my energy feelings to the sight that accompanies them.
Your meditations carry very deep and powerful energies, when I’m in the deep state, my lower mind will attempt to guide things, however it’s very obvious that the energies are piercing right through the mental patterns and straight to my energy bodies (causing the mental patterns and blocks to surface for transmutation and release).  Then as I surrender and detach from those mental patterns they simply fall away into the zero point vortex which you have weaved and sustained for us. I find that my frequency is extremely uplifted after the sessions,
(much much appreciated)
Cole Ducey
Encinitas Ca.

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