About Yemanya

Yemanya Carey has been studying the art of healing and self-empowerment since her early twenties, which she combines with her lifelong gift of intuitive abilities. Her healing work began in Los Angeles Ca. where she started her studies of Reiki, Phonic healing, Chi-gong and meditation. She had the privilege of living in Kauai for the past 6 years to studying several different modalities from a vast array of master teachers. These Include Chi Gong  from Master Hong, China, Lomi-Lomi, from a native Hawaiian Kahuna, Shiatsu from Virginia Dunas- a direct student of Master Nomikoshi and Sound Therapy from expert Peggy Black. Other modalities she is trained in are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Sports Massage, Cranial-sacral work, Reflexology, White Time Healing, Reiki (Masters Certification), Crystal Healing, EFT, Pronic Healing, Access Consciensness, Indigo Spiritual Healing, Star Seed Healing and Sacred Breath work. She has personally used these tools, with the guidance of her spiritual team, to heal addictions and release emotional and mental belief patterns that no longer serve.

She has held a life long passion for children, working in Elementary and Pre-schools since the age of 17.  Bringing forth her knowledge in Indigo Family Coaching, Non-Violent Communication, conflict resolution, Brain Gym, and Children’s Yoga she has infused a unique and alternative way to nurture and support our young children. She is constantly researching alternative schools and philosophies on how to allow our children to stay in the light and love of their divine purpose. She believes that when we live in alignment with the divine blue print of why we are here, we move in ultimate freedom and in complete harmony with creation.  This is one of the keys to bringing peace to the planet

Yemanya now resides in San Diego, CA with her daughter Raya.  She is dedicated to helping individuals align to their true infinite nature and guiding them into the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness.   She offers sessions in her signature healing experiences called “Soul Matrix Activation”  Light Language Sessions” and “Essence Light” where she draws upon years of study and divine guidance to create her own unique blend of healing.  She holds the space for you to release the physical manifestations of imbalance and opens you up to receive the gift of your own healing abilities. She is supporting adults and children back to their original essence of divine light so we can “Birth A New Humanity”