About Yemanya

/>Yemanya Carey (Evolutionary Change Agent) is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, master healer, and activist. She is the founder of Birthing A New Humanity. Her experience has been working in the field of Education, Health, and Wellness for over 22 years. She studied Elementary/Early Childhood Education and Theater Arts at the University of Arizona.

In 1999 she had a life altering experience that lead her to train under Master Teachers, Shamans and Healers from around the world in variety of modalities, practices, and philosophies. She has since created her own “art of healing” through the guidance of her intuition by channeling light language, using visualization, and energy movement, to produce results that work down into the DNA and cellular level. She is a master healer and teacher of energy mechanics for adults and children from around the world.

Often referred to as a Mystic or Shaman, she has been honored to facilitiate at events among other dynamic visionary leaders and wisdom keepers that include Don Miguel Ruiz, Foster Gambel, Hunbatz Men, Nicki Scully, Lama Lhanang Runpoche, and Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu.

Her purpose and mission is to support people in the awakening process and into the deeper resources of the heart so we can create the new structures that are calling us forth. Now is the time to remove the old way of being and step more authentically into who we REALLY are; limitless and joyful, being guided by source, and surrendering to the passion of our divine purpose

Yemanya is dedicated to helping individuals align to their true infinite nature and guiding them into the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness.  She believes that when we live in alignment with the divine blue print of why we are here, we move in ultimate freedom and in complete harmony with creation.  This is one of the keys to bringing peace to the planet.  Yemanya is supporting adults and children back to their original essence of divine light so we can “Birth A New Humanity”

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