Childrens Mystery School

Our children today are born with a wisdom far beyond their years.  They hold the knowledge of the universe at their fingertips.  With the right guidance and information we can empower our children to stay open and to trust their innate powers of intuition, telepathy, healing abilities, and divine connectionss.  We nurture the feelings of love and oneness towards themselves, one another, nature, and the planet.  The Children’s Mystery School will help re-awaken the information they already embody, giving them a safe place to open and express their deeper wisdom that so many of our children know, but are afraid to reveal.  Some may not  be aware of their special gifts and/or may be extremely sensitive to their environment, and/or need understanding about what it all means.  Children’s Mystery School is set up to guide and empower our young children to stand confident in who they are and to live fully in the presence of their light and love.


Things they will learn:

  • The practice of meditation, yoga, chi-gong
  • What is energy and how to work with it
  • The Chakra system and how it works
  • Practices to balance and protect their energetic body
  • Opening to their intuition
  • The power of nature and how to communicate to it
  • The power of love and an open heart
  • Working with angels/spirit guides/elementals