The Remembrance- Accessing Evolutionary Consciousness

July 13th @the Star House, Boulder Co.

We are in the time of great transition for humanity and not only is this reflected in the larger collective but it is also reflected on the personal level. We are being asked to move more into our authenticity and power of who we really are. We are being asked to up level and BE our purpose in the world. So much is changing for us….Our personal values are being challenged as we look at the societal norms around relationships, lifestyles, education, money, and work ethics and we get the opportunity to break down the old molds and redefine what actually works for us beyond what has been traditionally expected. We may be asked to transition a relationship, a job, or even move to a new location. We are the gatekeepers of new ideas. Humanity needs us to step up and model new ways–to help us move beyond our old stories and create new paradigms. There may be fear that arises and the judgment we may feel towards others or ourselves in the midst of this change can be overwhelming. If you know deep in your heart that it’s times to make that change but there is an insidious resistance inside, and out, that may lie in your path. This program is to offer the needed clarity and/or support to find the strength and courage to make the change, and to find the self worth that will bridge this motion into action. By moving into the deep “Remembrance” of who you are, that original essence of your spirit and your divine purpose, you will gain the strength, be the courage, and move beyond the fear and start to live your greatest most passionate self. You move into Joy and Liberation, your heart will expand into deeper levels of love and compassion, and divine flow will open a new abundant world to you. And, you will find the TRUST in this greater motion that all is perfect. In the “Remembrance” you are a beacon of light for others and give them permission to also BE and reclaim who they are. Now is the time to join the “Remembrance”.

Immerse yourself in an evening of Star Seed energy as Yemanya Carey channels Vocal Sound Resonance and Light Language to help activate DNA and Light Codes in the body. Working in coherence with Sacred Energy waves of the Star House, just 3 miles up from Boulder in Sunshine Canyon, this stream of light consciousness, sacred geometry, and tones, will supports your awakening, releases old patterns, and activates access to new light code information for your personal and global evolution. By bringing you back into the Remembrance of who you are, Yemanya helps you embody your true essence so you can move through life with more passion, power, and purpose. It’s the path to Soul awakening through evolutionary light technology

The evening will consist of supportive information and teachings relevant to planetary and personal awakening. Plus, a specific channeled DNA activation and clearing meditation for self and collective energies. This will be followed up by individual light language transmissions channeled specifically for you where you can experience any of the following
Multi-dimentional Healing of many layers
Energetic alignment of your chakras and subtle energy body
connect with your star brothers and sisters,
Reconnection to your life-purpose, life path
rapidly dissolve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual trauma
Deepen into a sense of self and connection to all that is
A deep feeling of “the remembrance” of “Home”
Uphoric states and hightened awareness

$35 pre-registration
$40 day of or at the door

What is Light Language- how does it work?

Light language is used to bypass the ego mind and speak directly to the Soul. Often people say, “It reminds me of Home” A softening occurs, it heals and balances what it passes through and remembrance activates. As the ascension begins to occur en masse, this language is the ‘elevator’ that can help individuals begin to vibrate at a ‘safe rate’ and recalibrate structurally so they can bring in more light. In essence it is a light technology to improve the process of the body on all level and integrates a spiritual-consciousness connection so a person can evolve into their “highest self.”

Healing Ancestral Lineage

March 9 7pm  Eve Encinitas                                                                                                          March 16 Boulder Co.

Healing Ancestral Lineage- Moving Beyond Genetic Codes

We pass down conscious and unconscious beliefs that shape and mold the way we move through life and respond to its ups and downs. Things such as addiction, being over weight, abuse, rage, or simply fear of speaking our truth and being powerful are just a few things that may be generated though our lineage. What would it look like to wipe the slate clean? No longer hindered by restrictive family patterns… we feel supported, and we open to our ultimate authenticity and a deeper place of freedom. We are being called to move beyond these genetic codes, towards the path of awakening so we can bring forth more of our true essence, and divine expression of self.

Join Yemanya Carey for an evening of exploration of the human genetic make up and an understanding of how we can clear these limiting belief systems, that for generations, have been reoccuring. Experience a configuration of vocal sound resonance healing to reawaken, clear DNA, and remember your original codes that open you to a greater sense of ease, grace, joy, and unity consciousness.

$25 admission
Yemanya will also be offering individual Sound and light language tranmissions to the first 11 people who sign up at the event.

Light and Love Transmissions

Next Transmission Feb 28th

Use this link to sign up;

Listening to Guidance, Finding our Center, and Being in our Power are critical aspects that we need to start to develop and live by right now. As the old systems are crumbling and things feel uncertain, unstable and just a plain bit crazy…. take solitude and receive support from these Love and Light Transmissions that can offer you an opportunity to develop your sense of selves by creating calm, peace, and healing to our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

These transmissions are created to support you in
Feeling more grounded
And to elevate and clear your mind.

When we find this center of activation we are able to
Manage life better
Deepen our relationships with people
Surrender to more trust in the universe
Hear our own personal guidance
And access support to our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental evolution.

These calls will be pre-recorded and saved for your convenience if you are not able to join during the scheduled days and times.


Energetic Detox!  2016

4 weeks of Healing and Education.

Its time to clear energetic stagnation and old patterns and transform so you can create more abundance, align your body, and open to receive more in 2017. In a few short weeks, we’ll reach the end of a 9 Universal Year and the end of our current 9-year cycle. 9 is the number of wholeness, integration, and completion. NOW is the time to wrap things up and let things go as we close out the year because as we head into 2017 the entire Universal pulse will shift as the new era emerges. If you’re still holding on to any old patterns or energy that are not serving your highest self, the transition could feel more chaotic, stressful and challenging.

Join Yemanya Carey for a weekly online course and healing session during December to prepare for the next year of initiation, invention and new beginnings. LET THE LAST OF THE OLD GO… Its time to RISE UP!

Sign up here:
4 Weekly 75 min. video calls @ 12:30pm (PST) DEC 6, 13, 20, 27

Content Includes:
4 weekly group healing sessions in Yemanya’s signature vocal sound resonance and light language healing transmissions and activations to support the clearing of energy and activation of new patterns.
Plus, information on …….

Working through the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies
The 4 part stages of healing and transformation
Cutting the cords of past relationships
Working through the Anger and finding forgiveness
Importance of, and healing process to opening the receptors for spiritual guidance
Clearing and aligning of the chakras and the patterns stored
Looking at physical pain and the emotional and spiritual connection

Plus a BONUS meditation for “Manifesting in the New Paradigm” that works with the electro-magnetic fields of the heart. Proven to be very powerful!

All sessions will be recorded, so if you can make the live call a recording will be sent to your email.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL PRICE is only $297 actual Value $1000
Get ready to say YES, to your next level of greatness!

This Energetic Detox will support you in clearing the way to receive more support, hear the deeper calling of your soul, release the old that is energetically draining you and preventing you from moving forward, and help the transition into the new year to be more graceful and abundant.

I know this past year has been a strange one. Its been extremely challenging for many because we are in the death of the old self, the old ways, the old strategies, and the old paradigm. Where we are going, we can’t take the baggage with us. We are birthing a new humanity. And this begins with us.

This is your chance!!!! Register Here:



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