Soul Wisdom Institute

Energy Education

for Adults And Children

Soul Wisdom Institute teaches about the foundation of energy and how your energy relates to the world around you, through you and in you.  There is a blend of New Thought information and Indigenous Ancient Wisdoms that cultivates an integrative learning experience to empower children and adults into the wisdom of their soul and internal power.  Yemanya has created a New Paradigm Educational Model, unlike anything you’ve experienced before, based on “Teachable Moment” and “Tracking The Energy of the Coherent Field Dynamic”, to bring forth essential skills and information that will further develop understanding and personal awakening to the information being revealed..  This model is a specifically designed blend of Ages and Structure that optimize learning potential, works with transitional phases, and support full body integration.

Children’s Wisdom School-

Bridging Generations

Children’s Wisdom school is a child/parent curriculum developed to foster understanding for both parents and children, allowing them to come together in spiritual knowledge, play, community, and connection.   Parent/Child curriculum caters to children grades pre-k-6, but recognizes and supports the importance of all ages present: from infants to the wise elder.  All stages of life build upon one another and we rely on the interdependence of this relationship for full integration of the knowledge.  We learn and grow from each other.  With this cross generational approach the young children gain information, and teens, adults, and elders are given a specific roles and new wisdom in the educational model being presented.  For a more thorough explanation of this model contact Yemanya directly.


  • To support and build the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To mentor children, parents, and young adults and offer tools of understanding that  support integrative knowledge of themselves that will affect future generations.
  • To create new social and cultural structures by changing our conscious view of the world and the way we interact with it.

Our children today are born with a wisdom far beyond their years.  We are their guardians.  They hold the knowledge of the universe at their fingertips.  With the right guidance and information we can empower our children to stay open and to trust their innate powers of intuition, healing abilities, divine connection and personal power.    We, as the guardians, can nurture the feelings of love and oneness towards themselves, one another, nature, and the planet.  The Soul Wisdom Institute guides, supports and helps re-awaken the information you and your children already embody, giving you a safe place to open and express your deeper wisdom.   Some may not  be aware of their special gifts and/or may be extremely sensitive to their environment, and/or need understanding about what it all means.  Soul Wisdom Institute is set up to guide and empower children and and adults to stand confident in who they are and to live fully in the presence to build a bright future for all of humanity.

Listed below are Examples of Program Topics Used for our 6-12 week series or 1-2 day workshops. 
▪                What is energy and how to work with it (The Energetically       Sensitive Child/Adult)
▪                Practices to balance and protect your energetic body
▪                The Chakra system, Nade Channels, and Meridians
▪                Opening to their intuition, Psychic Abilites
▪                Working with Crystals and the Crystalline Earth Grid
▪                Energetic power points; Temples of the earth
▪                The power of nature and how to communicate to it
▪                The power of love and an open heart
▪                Sound and Light vibration
▪                The power of mind, intentions and our reality
▪                Working with angels/spirit guides/elementals
▪                Understanding the energy of the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether)
▪                The practice of meditation, yoga, chi-gong
▪                Empowered communication
▪                Components of Ceremony
▪                Emotional intelligence
▪                Community/Unity

What it can do for you and your child:
▪                Adapt more easily to new environments
▪                Manage emotions
▪                Aligns a deeper union with the natural environment; less    aggression
▪                Allows opening and sharing of gifts outside of judgment
▪                Develop friendships and supports navigating interpersonal     relationships
▪                Expands the mind into unseen realities
▪                Deeper sense of calm and balance; reduce stress and ADHD  symptoms
▪                Awaken the heart, and keep it open
▪                Deepens a sense of union with all that is; Peace of mind
▪                Tools and tactics to process emotions and energy
▪                Supports you to work with the bigger picture
▪                Helps you remember your greatness
▪                Deepens commitment to positive personal beliefs and codes of honor
▪                Teaches working together and a strong sense of individuality
▪                Empowers Leadership and personal responsibility